In order for you to effectively review, edit, publish and manage the contents of your website, you will need a Content Management System (CMS). It gives you full control of your website; you can therefore keep your site’s content current and a lot more interesting. This in turn increases chances of visitors returning to the website more frequently if the content is current.

Want content management system, Ryu Creative can readily provide it as part of the website design and build. This drops control of the existing content right into your hands. You can add new content; edit texts and images as per the requirements. We have specialised web developers who develop and install the well-known content management system platform WordPress. Our team ensures that the content management system is configured so that it fits the requirements of your business. As soon as we have it in place, anybody within your company will easily manage, publish and organise a wide assortment of web content. Technical knowledge of HTML is no longer a requirement. There will also be no need for hiring an expert web developer or programmer any time you would like to add new content.

You may feel intimidated by the technicality of the whole set up. You should not be. We will provide an instruction manual that will give you every necessary detail on operating the entire system. We may even go as far as taking you through the process of updating. After this, you will be surprised at how easy the entire process is.

Below are some of the things you will be able to do with the content management system
1. post daily or weekly blogs
2. upload any type of file (pdf, word, excel, etc.)
3. add videos
4. upload picture galleries

We are also capable of offering services in designing e-commerce websites. This will be of great help to you, especially while selling goods online; it ensures a secure and safe environment. With the robust shopping cart, one can comfortably offer customers a sure, guaranteed and dependable online shopping experience. At Ryu Creative, we are well aware of the fact that different businesses have got significantly varying needs. This is actually why we take our time to properly understand your company and your unique individual requirements. We have a feature-packed solution to e-commerce which will ensure wonderful functionality and customizability which enables it to develop as the website matures and the company requirements are expanding.

The following facilities are among our solutions
1. shopping cart
2. member accounts
3. shipping/delivery management
4. online payment
5. management of orders
6. reporting sales
7. customer loyalty programs
8. discounts and gift vouchers